Our Original Bubble Bags are the same professional quality bags that you know and love. The heaviest fabric available on the market, these bags are made with 800 thread count nylon sidewalls. The Original Bubble Bags will last for over 200 uses and carry a lifetime warranty against defects.

New for 2014, our Standard Bubble Bags are made with high quality 400 thread count nylon sidewalls and European heat stamped screens. They are a good choice for the home user looking for a high quality extraction bag, and carry a five year warranty against defects

Bubble Bags Lite are our most cost-effective line of Bubble Bags. Expect the same top quality, but in a lighter fabric for the budget conscious home user. The Lite Bubble Bags have some variation in fabric weight and come in three colours instead of eight. One year warranty.

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Our Bubble Bags™ are the highest quality plant essence extractors in the world.

Your Choice: Bubble Bags now come in Original, Standard or Lite.

Fresh Headies is proud to introduce our new Bubble Bags product line. Our Original Bubble Bags are the highest quality bags available on the market today. New for 2014, our Standard Bubble Bags are a continuous duty bag with the same high quality you've come to expect from Fresh Headies. The Lite Bubble Bags are a more cost-effective option for the home user on a budget.

Produce the world’s finest herbal extract with no contaminants or chemicals – all you need is ice and water.

  Original Standard Lite
Sidewall Fabric      
Thread Count 800 (Nylon) 400 (Nylon) 400 (Nylon
Weight 400 GSM 240 GSM variable, minimum 200 GSM
Fabric Colours Eight Colours Eight Colours Three Colours (colours may vary)
PVC Free yes yes yes
Screen Fabric      
Heat Stamped for Consistent Size yes yes yes
Screen Source European European European
Micron Size Accuracy within 1 micron within 1 micron within 7 microns
General Information      
Type of Use Heavy Duty/Industrial Continuous Duty Light Duty/Personal
Drawstring yes yes no
Micron Size Tags yes yes yes
Carry Bag Polar Fleece Non-Woven Fabric Non-Woven Fabric
Triple-Stiched Seams yes yes yes
Thread bonded nylon bonded nylon 3-ply polyester
Warranty lifetime 5 years 1 year
Expected Life over 200 uses 200 uses over 100 uses
Introduced 1999 2014 2013


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Bubble Bags™ can be used for years, 100 times or more.