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Combining style with comfort is our speciality; therefore all our products are made from the best luxurious blends of eco-friendly fabrics. The Hemp Hoodlamb collection proves that you can be High in Comfort and look cool no matter where you are or what you are doing.

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*NEW* Ladies' Classic Hoodlamb (LCH2)
332.00USD$ (CAD$428.28)

*NEW* Ladies' Nordic Lights Parka (LNPL)
440.00USD$ (CAD$567.60)

*NEW* Men's Nordic Lights Parka (MNPL)
440.00USD$ (CAD$567.60)

*SALE* Cap: Men's Flat Cap HHL
24.00USD$ (CAD$30.96)
Market price: 40.00USD$ , save 40%

*SALE* Cap: Men's Flat Cap Logo
24.00USD$ (CAD$30.96)
Market price: 40.00USD$ , save 40%

*SALE* Earmuffs (HLE)
36.00USD$ (CAD$46.44)

*SALE* Gloves: Stash Mitts (JG1/HG1)
16.00USD$ (CAD$20.64)
Market price: 34.00USD$ , save 53%

*SALE* Herringbone Mini Skirt (LSK6)
19.00USD$ (CAD$24.51)
Market price: 50.00USD$ , save 62%

*SALE* HoodLion T-Shirt [2016] (MST1AR)
34.00USD$ (CAD$43.86)
Market price: 58.00USD$ , save 41%

*SALE* Illusion T-Shirt [2015] (MST1AY)
27.00USD$ (CAD$34.83)
Market price: 58.00USD$ , save 53%

*SALE* Ladies Furry Legwarmers (LLW)
29.00USD$ (CAD$37.41)
Market price: 64.00USD$ , save 55%

*SALE* Ladies Furry Vest
60.00USD$ (CAD$77.40)
Market price: 160.00USD$ , save 62%

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