Bubbleman TrinityTank XL (BMTPTXL)


Bubbleman TrinityTank XL (BMTPTXL)
Bubbleman TrinityTank XL Bubbleman TrinityTank XL Bubbleman TrinityTank XL BubbleMan Trinity Logo BubbleMan Brand Logo
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The Bubbleman Series First Generation Trinity Pen, Battery and Tank incorporates upgraded electronics that help it stand out as one of the best and most reliable entry level devices in the essential oil market.

The Bubbleman Trinity XL tank is designed specially for oils mixed with 10-15% Terpene content. Its user friendly design allows it to be fully disassembled for easier cleaning, all of the materials for the Trinity XL are carefully selected to make sure that taste is not altered in any way. We use no silica fibers, no glue, no welds, no cotton and no nichrome. The Tank uses a replaceable Titanium Grade 2 / SiC Hybrid Heater that registers around 0.5 ohms allowing you to fully maximize its potential of the XL using our Persei Series Vaporizers. Max Capacity is 1.5ml for all day vaporizing without the need to refill.

Maybe Be used with:
  • Bubbleman Battery
  • Omicron V5
  • Persei V6
Package Includes:
  • 1 x Trinity Tank XL


To order a complete pen separately, click here: Bubbleman Trinity Pen

Bubbleman Brand Instagram: instagram.com/bubblemanbrand

PLEASE NOTE: Fresh Headies / Bubble Bags does NOT offer any products to fill your tank.
Please contact Blue River Extracts for your needs:

Note to Medicinal Card carriers: We have priced these pens in order to make them more accessible to as many people as possible. We are unable to offer our usual 20% Medicicinal User Discount on this item.

For Trinity Pen issues, please contact Up Tech direclty via www.w9tech.com/support/  or email: support@w9tech.com


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