Ladies' Light Hoodie (LHT7)


Ladies' Light Hoodie (LHT7)
Clear Blue Ladies' Light Hoodie (LHT7) Front Clear Blue Ladies' Light Hoodie (LHT7) Back Clear Blue Ladies' Light Hoodie (LHT7) Black Fleck Ladies' Light Hoodie (LHT7) Front Black Fleck Ladies' Light Hoodie (LHT7) Back Black Fleck Ladies' Light Hoodie (LHT7) Front Lavender Ladies' Light Hoodie (LHT7) Lavender Ladies' Light Hoodie (LHT7) Back Lavender Ladies' Light Hoodie (LHT7)
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Lightweight zip-up hoodie made from a soft hemp / organic cotton fleece. Features an oversized hood, thumbholes. Available in four flecked color patterns.

- Hemp, Organic Cotton fleece
- Custom YKK zipper
- Thumbholes



HoodLamb uses only the highest quality hemp and organic cotton fleece fabric to create its knitwear so we can bring you the most natural insulation, organic warmth, and unsurpassed durability.

Hemp is considered the strongest natural fiber on earth which makes HoodLamb garments the toughest around. All our source materials are grown without pesticides or synthetic agricultural chemicals.

HoodLamb hemp is organically grown and sourced directly from farms where it is hand sowed and harvested, thereby creating some of the best hemp fiber in the world.  After harvest, the raw fiber is spun into the fine, strong hemp thread that is used to weave our custom, sustainable fabrics.

HoodLamb clothing and accessories are made from cruelty-free sources and is naturally free of harsh chemicals and toxins that can harm the skin. No animals products were used in the making of our collection.

One percent for the Planet
As a member company HoodLamb contributes at least one percent of annual revenue to help create a more healthy planet.

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