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Rosin Tech

We are proud to distribute Pure Pressure & Sasquash Rosin presses to our clients. Our own Rosin Bags are top of the line micron screen, heat tested to 500F.


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    Longs Peak Rosin Press (10" x 3" Plates, Dual Pressure, 8 Tons)

    Helix 3 Ton Manual Rosin Press ***Pre-Order***

    Helix 5 Ton Manual Rosin Press ***Pre-Order***

    Pikes Peak Rosin Press V2 (10" x 3" Plates, Dual Pressure, 5 Tons)

    Sasquash M1 Rosin Press *** SOLD OUT ***

    Sasquash V2 Rosin Press

    Sasquash 2.5 Rosin Press

    Half Squash with Hand Pump

    Press Headies Rosinbags: 10-pack Large 90µ (PHL10)
    Press Headies RosinBags: 10-pack Medium 25µ or 90µ (PHM10)

    Press Headies Rosinbags: 10-pack Small 25µ (PHS10)
    Bubble Hash Freeze Dryer - Pharmaceutical Large
    save 8%