Dry Sift Screen Large Single: 250 & 165 Micron available (SKL1)


Dry Sift Screen Large Single: 250 & 165 Micron available (SKL1)
Microns and Lines Per Inch Screen Information
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Grower size Industrial strength trimming and collecting screens. Use these screens for trimming, to collect plant crystals at the same time, or use them with dried trim to make dry sift. 

Product Details

  • One (1) monofilament polyester screen
  • 36" x 25" x 2" each
  • Aluminum frames
  • Avaialble Mesh Size at this time:
    1. Top Screen: 250 Micron / 60 Lines per inch
    2. 2nd Screen: 165 Micron / 90 Lines per inch
    3. 3rd Screen: 149 Micron / 110 Lines per inch
    4. Bottom Screen: 75 Micron / 200 Lines per inch

Click on "Detailed Images" or click here for Mesh Size Chart.

NOTE: These screens are not available for shipping outside of North America, as the shipping costs are excessive. One option is to use our Store Locator and contact resellers in your area to ask them about any similar products avaialble there.

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