Bubble Now machines are in stock!

Bubble Now Machine – NEW & IMPROVED MODEL
Good news! Bubble Now machines are back in stock in our Vancouver warehouse & shipping now!

This new machine is of higher quality all around! We worked with our manufacturer to tweak a few details to make the machine work best for our purposes. Gentle agitation, slighly bigger bucket for better water and ice distribution, solid materials, improved bucket seal to avoid leakage, more attention to finishing, lid clicks up in the open position, higher quality knobs and internal mechanism, with better quality control overall.

New pics up! Now that we have our actual machines in our hands, you can see what they look like!
Buy online here: https://www.bubblebag.com/BN.html
(BNXLs are expected in next month.)

Here’s us at Fresh Headies happily receiving a container of Bubble Now machines!
Always a challenge to fit th trucks in our back lot. We have to request very experienced drivers!

Always a challenge to fit th trucks in our back lot. We have to request very expenced drivers!

Rachel & Amby unloading the container. Stu's inside stacking them in place.

Rachel & Amby unloading the container. Stu’s inside stacking them in place.

The wall of BNs!

The wall of BNs!

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The Bubblebag Team

How Should I Clean My Bubble Bags?

1. Always rinse the bags thoroughly with cold water immediately after use.
Do not use warm or hot water, as this will clog the screens.
2. Repeat if necessary.
3. Hang the bags and always allow to air dry completely before storing them to prevent mold or rot issues.
► For heavy stains, soak overnight, then repeat step 1.
► Never use detergent or solvents.
► If your screens become clogged, you can use 99% isopropyl alcohol on a soft toothbrush to gently remove tough stains. Keep alcohol away from edge of screen (stitching).

Storing Bubble?

A commonly asked question is for us is, “Ok I have this great stuff, now, how do I store it to keep it fresh and safe?”

Good question. Here’s our answer.

Over the years what seemed like the best solution was a glass mason jar with a gong lid. Keeps everything inside sealed tight. Retains moisture and contains smell. Pretty good.

But, we carry a line of plastic jars called Tightvac jars which are vacuum sealed and because they’re plastic they won’t shatter if you knock them off your table reaching for your rig. Cool, right? We thought so.

You can check them out here: Tightvac Jars


Can You Run Stems Through Your Bubble Bag?

The short answer is ‘yes’. We recommend you trim your stems in to 1-2 inch sections so you won’t damage your bags during your run.

As always, remember to wash your bags right after you use them. Not only will your bags will last longer, but you will continue to get the top quality bubble you love!

See washing instructions here.

Join us in the Fashion Revolution!

HoodLamb Production - Ethical for People and Planet

We believe that by harnessing the power of hemp, we can transform the fashion industry into a force for good.

By sourcing raw materials from small family farmers we help to sustain their livelihood.

By maintaining close relationships with the mills and factories who weave and sew our fabrics, we ensure the highest possible ethical standards are kept when making your HoodLamb.

By creating timeless designs that last, we avoid adding to the mountain of fast-fashion waste that is rapidly accumulating everywhere on the planet.

Join us in our quest to do it right – join us in the Fashion Revolution!

HoodLamb Production - Ethical for People and PlanetHoodLamb Production - Ethical for People and PlanetFashion Revolution - Who Made Your Clothes

#IMadeYourClothes #whomademyclothes #fashionrevolution2017 #fashrev

Help! I Lost My Blotting Screen

Awhile back one of our customers reached out with the following dilemma:

Hello all,
I’ve come across an unfortunate dilemma. I’m all set to do a bubble run, only to find that I’ve misplaced my blotting screen. Are there any substitutes I can use until my replacement screen arrives? I have to make this batch tonight, so any advice will be VERY much appreciated. Thanks for reading!

This is what Bubble Man had to say:

I’ve used my 45u and 25u bag to dab the water out of my bubble. Just dab gently and make sure you clean those bags immediately after you’ve pulled the bubble out.
That will work till you get your new ones in the mail!
Bubble Man

You can order another blotting screen online or call us at 1(866)655-8464 to order your replacement.

Bubble Team