Bubbleman recognized in the “Top 100 Cannabis Influencers of all time”

Congratulations to Bubbleman, Marcus Richardson for being recognized in the “Top 100 Cannabis Influencers of all time”, in honor of 4/20/2020!
Cannabis Business Awards wrote:
“While we could never include all of the worthy individuals out there, we feel this list is pretty damn legit. Congratulations to all of our winners, and thank for your hard work and dedication in being a role model & pushing the culture of cannabis forward in a historic way.”

Check out their page for a replay of the “420 ICONS Live Stream Event”: https://www.facebook.com/cannaawards

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Info & Pics: Washing with Bubble Bags

Post from Bubbleman on his FB page:

When washing with www.bubblebag.com Bubble Bags, you will get 2 of the 3 types of trichomes present on the plant. The capitate stalked (long and tall), and the Sessile Stalked (shorter but still a large glandular head). The bulbous head is the third type and much more difficult to extract when using mechanical screen techniques like Bubble Bags, and Dry Sifting over screens.
This is the main reason you will see yields continue after you have washed several times if you do a solvent or Rosin or Plant fat extraction with the post Bubble material.

I wanted to share with you a photo of my plant matter once I am done washing and you can see the effectiveness when your threshing ratios are proper. Doesn’t have to be over mixed for an hour to get your material like this either.
I also added a few other shots to show you the difference between on the plant pre wash vs on the plant post wash. Make sure you swipe thru to sell all three photos. I wanted to make the washed material the first photo because I find it so striking to see the capitate stalks with no heads.
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