Retail outlet open with precautions

Your health and safety are our #1 priority.

We are committed to:
• Following provincial guidelines
• Frequent handwashing for employees
• Offering contacless phone  & pick up orders
• Offering contacless debit / credit card payments
• Cleaning and disinfecting  surfaces in high traffic areas regularly


Ring the doorbell, and then wait for us to greet you before inviting you to enter the store.

We will offer to spray your hands with our contactless Hand Sanitizer spray bottle.

If you don’t have your own, we will ask you to wear a disposable mask provided.

If you are shopping for clothing, or would like to touch any product inside the store, we ask that you also put on a pair of gloves provided. This way we won’t have to sanitize items you touch, and it will also protect you from the possibility of others having touched them.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone

Introducing the new ‘LABS’ Edition 20 Gallon 8 Bag Kit (LBL8)


Pre-order for estimated delivery in July. With the current world situation we are unable to give an exact date but are confident they’ll be in for your processing this summer.

“These new Bubble Bag Labs will save your back. They’re an absolute pleasure to use!”
– Marc ‘The Bubbleman’ Richardson


Our new Bubble Bags ‘LABS’ are professional quality, heavy duty bags, featuring a three quarter bag side wall of screen.

  • NEW: mesh side walls
  • Top quality precision heat pressed Germam monofilament polyester screen, exact within 1 micron
  • Much easier to lift, real backsavers
  • Doesn’t create a vacuum in the 20 / 32 gallon bins
  • Remaining 1/4 nylon sidewall, most durable fabric available in an extraction bag, 800 thread count.
  • Triple stitched 100% nylon bonded thread for extra strength
  • They will last for over 200 uses and carry a lifespan warranty against defects.
  • The 20 gallon kit can be used in a 32 gallon garbage can.

8 Bags for the utmost in quality and versatility. The Bubble Bags “Labs” 8 Bag Kit contains a work bag, two contaminant removal bags, and five crystal collection bags and comes ins a carrying bag.

This kit includes the following:

  • 20 gallon | 220 micron bag | Blue | work bag
  • 20 gallon | 190 micron bag | Green | clean-up bag
  • 20 gallon | 160 micron bag | Red | contaminant removal bag (food grade)
  • 20 gallon | 120 micron bag | Orange | contaminant removal bag (food grade)
  • 20 gallon | 90 micron bag | Black | crystal collection bag (medium grade)
  • 20 gallon | 73 micron bag | Yellow | crystal collection bag (prime grade)
  • 20 gallon | 45 micron bag | White | crystal collection bag (medium grade)
  • 20 gallon | 25 micron bag | Purple | crystal collection bag (remainder)
  • 1 Storage Pouch for your Original Bubble Bags

The 20 Gallon Bubble Bag “Lab” kits can process up to 2 pounds or approximately 1 kilogram (dry weight) of plant material at a time.

Bubbleman recognized in the “Top 100 Cannabis Influencers of all time”

Congratulations to Bubbleman, Marcus Richardson for being recognized in the “Top 100 Cannabis Influencers of all time”, in honor of 4/20/2020!
Cannabis Business Awards wrote:
“While we could never include all of the worthy individuals out there, we feel this list is pretty damn legit. Congratulations to all of our winners, and thank for your hard work and dedication in being a role model & pushing the culture of cannabis forward in a historic way.”

Check out their page for a replay of the “420 ICONS Live Stream Event”:

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COVID-19 Notice

  • We’re taking every precaution to prevent the spread of COVID-19
  • We’re currently still processing online & phone orders

COVID-19 is having a dramatic impact on our lives, businesses, and on supply chains.

We at Fresh Headies Bubble Bags are aware and have implemented special working and employment and shipping practices.

Following the guidance of global health experts at the World Health Organization (WHO) and the BC and Canadian Health Authorities, we are reminding our employees about frequent hand washing, and we are regularly cleaning and disinfecting our facilities and equipment. Importantly, we are asking that employees stay home from work if they feel sick.

Many people are asking the same question: is it safe to receive and handle a package from us through UPS and Canada Post. The WHO and Health authorities have stated that the likelihood of catching the COVID-19 virus by touching cardboard or other shipping containers is low. Both Canada Post and UPS have implemented stringent controls and practices to avoid, minimize risk, throughout the transaction, from our employees, shippers, couriers and ultimately our customers and end users.

We are at this time working hard to maintain business and customer service except where limited by government restrictions. However, turnaround times and responses may suffer longer waits or delays, as with receiving new stock and updates.

Fresh Headies appreciates that as a leader in this industry we must be among those taking the lead and doing the right things to get us all through this and flatten the curve and be able to bounce back after this crisis and pandemic.

As this situation is evolving rapidly, we will update as we know more or are instructed to modify our working situations etc.

Our team is working to continue to serve the needs of customers both retail and resellers during this time, while keeping our employees and customers safe.

Our retail outlet in Vancouver is closed to the public, but we welcome online & phone orders for no- contact pick up at a prearranged time, in our back parking lot.

We want to thank our staff and customers during this stressful time, and that you for trusting us with your business and extraction needs. We look forward to seeing you once all this passes.

Stay safe, keep your distance and wash your hands.

The Bubble Bag/Fresh Headies Team

NEWS ALERT: HoodLamb is now Hemp Tailor

We’re changing from HoodLamb to Hemp Tailor. It’s who we are. It’s what we do.

Hemp Tailor. It's who we are. It's what we do. Over the last three decades our community has made us the largest creator of hemp clothing in the world. This week we are introducing our new branding which pulls together all the threads of our brand’s DNA for the past 26 years in our mission to change the harmful effects of fashion on our planet. Welcome to Hemp Tailor .

We take the best plant on earth and turn it into great clothing with care and skill. We tailor hemp into everything from strong, durable outerwear to soft faux fur.

We began our life in 1993 as Hemp HoodLamb. We focused on jackets and sweatshirts made from hemp that had “hoods” with a soft faux fur that was similar to wool from a “lambs.”

Over the last three decades we have been at the heart of a movement to bring sustainability into fashion. Along the way our community inspired us to take on bigger and bigger challenges.

Today we are the largest creator of clothing made from hemp.

We are changing our name to reflect our primary focus. We are urgently expanding our efforts to reverse the harmful effects of today’s fashion industry.

We are doing it from the inside. We are tailoring hemp into high quality, long lasting clothing based on the most sustainable plant in the world.

Curious about the new Fall Winter 2019 collection?
Check out our online store or come visit our retail outlet in Vancouver.
We’re located at 1310 East Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC, on the SE Corner of Clark & Hastings. Parking in the back, ring buzzer at front door.

Check out our biggest collection ever










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Hemp Hoodlamb New summer collection NOW AVAILABLE

Summer stock is in !

Available in very limited quantities for each style, size & colour.
Check out the collection here:

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Hemp HoodLamb Inventory Blowout Sale!

ALL Hemp HoodLamb in on sale, min 30% up to 60% off!

Orders will be confirmed next business day on first come, first serve basis.
While supplies last, limited stock.
– 30% off all new Winter coats – further reductions on older stock
– 40% off Accessories & Summer stock
– 50-60% off selected Clearance Items

Vegan, hemp & organic cotton, eco sustainable and cruelty-free fashion designed in Amsterdam.

Visit our shop at Clark & Hastings to see what we’ve got.
Parking avaialable in the back. Open M-F 9am-5pm
Fresh Headies/Hemp HoodLamb at 1310 East Hastings

Or shop online:

Hemp HoodLamb Blowout Sale

See some styles in action:

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Embracing legalization with Marcus “Bubbleman” Richardson

Posted Dec 13, 2018 on

Marcus Richardson doesn’t pull punches. The first time we met was at a party in the backyard of a mansion in Toronto. He was nestled in the corner unit of an outdoor sectional – the best seat in the house, as far as I could see. When a space opened up on the couch, I slid in and struck up a conversation. I had no idea who I was talking to, and I don’t think he liked me.

“What are you working with?” I questioned, motioning to the exotic stash box stuffed with concentrates in his lap. “I’ll tell you what,” he said, “You put that cigarette out, and I’ll let you try anything I have.” A little bruised, but intrigued, I obliged. Swapping the smoke in my lips for a small dab rig that was circling, I hit it, choked up, exhaled, and smiled. It was some of the best bubble hash I’d ever tasted!

And rightfully so. Marcus “Bubbleman” Richardson is one of the most celebrated cannabis cultivators, activists and innovators on the planet. It’s already been nearly 20 years since Richardson brought to market the Bubble Bag system, a multitasking filtration kit that remains one of the most popular solvent-free extraction methods.

It’s been even longer, still, since Richardson planted the first legal hemp field in Manitoba. A year after that harvest, in 1996, he left his home province to grow cannabis on the country’s West Coast, where he worked to provide medicine for patients of the country’s first and oldest cannabis dispensary, the British Columbia Compassion Club.

These days, he’s even busier. His full melt hash brand has processing facilities in three countries, and his company in Jamaica recently received a conditional license to operate its farm. When I reached him by phone at his home in British Columbia, Richardson was celebrating a sizable Bay Street buy for Embark, a new state-of-the-art extraction facility in Delta, BC.

Like the most noble and savvy of his contemporaries, Richardson is all business as Canada rolls out changes to its cannabis laws. As someone who fought for legalization on the front lines of the battle since 1993, he’s happy with both the social and economic realities forming, like rainbows, under reform.

“I didn’t spend the last 25 years fighting for this to become legal so that everyone who profited off prohibition could be in charge of the industry,” he says. “I fought for access, and I never cared how the profit margin was broken up. And I certainly don’t care if cops and judges and lawyers all want to be a part of it. These are the people we’ve been begging from the beginning to make this happen!”

An optimist, Richardson is seizing the day he’s waited on for most of his life. Where cynicism and even resentment have taken root in the hearts of many old-guard activists and growers, Richardson views the glass as half full. As the cannabis industry finds its footing, so too, Richardson believes, is the culture changing and evolving. But it’s not, as some believe, dying.

“Cannabis culture was one thing, and now that’s changing. The culture is no longer groups of alternative people who are willing to break the law,” he says. “The culture is now anyone who is willing to have a relationship with cannabis – it’s lawyers and doctors and moms and grandmas and grandpas. The culture is no longer what you see at a Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam. It’s much more than that now.”