Bubble Now XL Troubleshooting

This thread is for solutions to the most common problems with the Bubble Now XL machines. If your machine is not working and none of these suggestions have helped, call Fresh Headies at 1-866-635-8464 or email manager <at> freshheadies.com

The most common problem is that on most of the units you have to turn on the timer as well as setting the dial to the “Drain” setting. Some of the units drain without turning on the timer but most do not.

If the pump is making noise but not draining a hose might be obstructed or the belt might be disconnected, missing or broken. If you need a new belt, call us at 1-866-635-8464 and we’ll send one out.

It’s important to make sure your zipper bag is tied closed when you use the machine, so that leaves don’t get sucked into the pump.

There is also an adjustment that can be made inside the machine – the drain control sometimes needs to be moved so that the hook is in the next position.

To adjust drain control:

  1. Remove the back access panel – there are two screws holding it on.
  2. As you are looking at the access panel, the drain control sits in the leg of the machine that is closest to you and to your left. Remove the screw holding the drain control in place.
  3. The tab on the drain control unit has 3 different holes drilled in it – move the hook to the next lowest position.

It’s a bit tricky to maneuver, if anything breaks just give us a call at 1-866-635-8464 and we can send you replacement parts. This isn’t a common problem but it does occur.

Team Bubble