Method Seven Giveaway!

Enter to Win Grow Glasses, Grow Lights, Grow Tents, and More
Bubble Bags is excited to participate in the “Method Seven Days of Christmas” giveaway campaign. Subscribe to get a chance to win a Standard 5 Gallon 8 Bag Kit, along with 6 other prize packs from other industry leaders plus a goodie from Method Seven.

Light up your trees this holiday season with free gifts from Method Seven, Gorilla Grow Tents, KIND LED, GreenPlanet Nutrients, Vanquish Lighting Systems, Nanolux Technology, and Bubble Bags. The seven companies have joined forces to bring you the Method 7 Days of Christmas Giveaway, assembling a sleigh full of prizes for growers in the cannabis industry. The contest will run from 11/27-12/21, and starting on December 16, prize packs of indoor grow room equipment will be raffled off to different winners every day for seven days. Method Seven, which makes the best grow glasses in the cannabis industry, is spearheading the event.
Details & to enter go to:
Check out Bubbleman’s promo video showing off Method Seven protective eyewear.

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