Bubbleman’s Top 5 Tips For Making Bubble Hash

  • Tip 1: The bomb makes the bomb. You cannot make quality without QUALITY. The Bubblebags will purify your product.
  • Tip 2: Use lots of ice. You can never use too much. As long as the mixture is moving around and the ice is bashing, then you’re on the right track.
  • Tip 3: Gentle first runs will save your quality, as well. Do not over-mix because you’re worried about not getting enough, or all of it. You can go back and run a second batch and capture all that you missed.
  • Tip 4: Properly breaking up the bubble is HUGE, and probably should be tip number one. The process is two schools of thought: Micro-Planing, and Sieving. These are your two options, and you can view both of them on videos at Bubbleman’s World on YouTube.
  • Tip 5: Once you have powdered the hash properly, now it’s time to DRY IT. I use a desiccant-like cardboard. It’s lined with parchment paper, and once closed, the cardboard can pull and wick moisture from the hash. This is very important, as you will not dry the hash properly on a plate, or plastic, or metal or anything that is NOT going to wick the moisture from INSIDE the hash.
    An addendum to Tip 5 is once you have your hash dry ( 7+ days in the cardboard box), you can now actually CURE THE HASH. Once you have DRIED the wax membrane of the trichome head, you can allow for the hash to cure and stabilize. I have some that has been curing for more than seven years, and is stable beyond stable. I have friends who have hash that is a month or two old, and is buttering out. Always dry and cure your hash properly.

Head over to the Help Zone / FAQ for more tips & instructions.

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Bubble Now machines are in stock!

Bubble Now Machine – NEW & IMPROVED MODEL
Good news! Bubble Now machines are back in stock in our Vancouver warehouse & shipping now!

This new machine is of higher quality all around! We worked with our manufacturer to tweak a few details to make the machine work best for our purposes. Gentle agitation, slighly bigger bucket for better water and ice distribution, solid materials, improved bucket seal to avoid leakage, more attention to finishing, lid clicks up in the open position, higher quality knobs and internal mechanism, with better quality control overall.

New pics up! Now that we have our actual machines in our hands, you can see what they look like!
Buy online here: https://www.bubblebag.com/BN.html

Here’s us at Fresh Headies happily receiving a container of Bubble Now machines!
Always a challenge to fit th trucks in our back lot. We have to request very experienced drivers!

Always a challenge to fit th trucks in our back lot. We have to request very expenced drivers!

Rachel & Amby unloading the container. Stu's inside stacking them in place.

Rachel & Amby unloading the container. Stu’s inside stacking them in place.

The wall of BNs!

The wall of BNs!

Rosin Presses Coming soon

Super stoked to announce i’m working with a few of the best Rosin Machine producers on the planet right now, and we will be putting some great units up on the site very soon one company i can already mention of course will be the Pure Pressure Long Peaks and Pikes Peak. 

Welcome to our new website!

INew Website is Live!t’s been quite a while in the making, it’s no easy task to create a whole new website.

We’re so thankful to all who have assisted with this site.

Note for our Returning Visitors and Purchasers – to protect your security, you may have to clear your browser cache and/or history, and/or reset your password during your first visit. For additional details and information, please visit our FAQ.

We’d love to hear your feedback. Please contact us through the Help Zone.

The Bubblebag Team

How Should I Clean My Bubble Bags?

1. Always rinse the bags thoroughly with cold water immediately after use.
Do not use warm or hot water, as this will clog the screens.
2. Repeat if necessary.
3. Hang the bags and always allow to air dry completely before storing them to prevent mold or rot issues.
► For heavy stains, soak overnight, then repeat step 1.
► Never use detergent or solvents.
► If your screens become clogged, you can use 99% isopropyl alcohol on a soft toothbrush to gently remove tough stains. Keep alcohol away from edge of screen (stitching).