Billed as the “fabric of our lives,” cotton is one of the world’s largest crops — and a surprisingly complicated one, at that. Pro-slavery U.S. senator James Henry Hammond famously said, “Cotton is king” in 1858, but we’re not taking his word for it. Here’s why hemp is better.

The Case Against Non-Organic Cotton

Monoculture — Cotton is mostly grown in monoculture. That is bad for the land on which it is grown, speeding up the growth of pests and diseases.
Pesticides — Cotton grows on only 2.5% of the world’s agricultural land yet it consumes 16% (5x) of all the world’s insecticides and 7% (3x) of all the world’s herbicides.
Water Consumption — Intensive cotton farming requires massive amounts of water for irrigation. Water is diverted from other areas and uses, upsetting the ecosystem. The pesticides used to grow cotton wash into the water system, polluting lakes and rivers.
Climate Change — Large scale cotton farming degrades soil, an important carbon sink. Nitrates produce harmful gases.
Social Problems — Farmers who do not have training and skills around using pesticides can become sick.

Why Hemp is the Winner

Polyculture — Hemp is grown in rotation with other crops to increase nutrients in the soil and decrease development of pests and diseases.
No Pesticides — Hemp grows without the need for insecticides and herbicides. It’s naturally organic.
Water Consumption — Hemp uses far less water than cotton. No pesticides are used so they can’t end up into the water system, protecting our lakes and rivers.
Climate Change — Hemp is the only fabric that is actually carbon negative. As hemp grows it consumes a massive amount of carbon dioxide.
Social Solutions — Hemp farmers are not exposed to pesticides simply because hemp doesn’t require it to grow.

How do we minimize the role of cotton in our lives? By using fair trade, organic or recycled cotton where absolutely necessary and making a conscious shift to alternative plant-based fabrics like hemp.

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3 Cruelty-Free Down Alternative Jacket Brands You Need To Know About

Style & Design I write about fashion and lifestyle for Forbes Finds.

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Original post : https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbes-finds/2018/10/29/3-cruelty-free-down-alternative-jacket-brands-you-need-to-know-about/

As we head into the colder, snowier months, time is of the essence to find the perfectly functional, yet fashionable, winter jacket. Faux fur and leather coat styles are having a moment this season. However, at a certain point in the season, the weather calls for us to break out a more heavy-duty outerwear option. For city-dwellers and outdoorsy types alike, the puffer jacket serves as a go-to item to fill this wardrobe need.

Canada Goose (GOOS) stock has grown an impressive 175% in the past year, underscoring the consumers’ love affair with this jacket style. Since its inception, the brand continues to capitalize on its main product offering – its signature parka jacket. However, the brand’s success has a drawn a rather large group of critics. While demand for down-filled jackets does not seem to be slowing down anytime soon, modern consumers increasingly are questioning the ethics of the feather industry.

Among the cruelty-free fashion movement’s critics, the main argument against the use of synthetic fibers is their inability to biodegrade. However, following PrimaLoft’s October 2018 announcement of its first 100% recyclable, biodegradable, PrimaLoft Bio, it is clear that the industry is making innovative strides. One day,  down alternatives might join its cruelty-free fur counterparts in the mass movement to create a more ethically and environmentally-minded fashion industry.

Here are five down-alternative jackets to stay comfortable and chic throughout the colder season ahead.

Hoodlamb - Ladies' Nordic Parka - Hoodlamb

Ladies’ Nordic ParkaHoodlamb

Shop Now: $548 NOW ON SALE IN OUR SHOP: $383.60

Hoodlamb - Ladies' Long Hoodlamb Coat - Hoodlamb

Ladies’ Long Hoodlamb CoatHoodlamb

Shop Now: $378 NOW ON SALE IN OUR SHOP: $264.60


Hoodlamb was born out of a desire to create a truly sustainable, functional, and fashionable apparel label. The Amsterdam-based brand creates all of its products out of hemp seeds. Unlike animal-based or cotton textiles, hemp is a carbon negative material – meaning that its growth ultimately reduces the carbon emissions released into the atmosphere.

Through this durable fabric, the label creates clothes with the intention to serve both its customers and all other living beings on the planet. Hoodlamb is committed to fighting fashion’s throwaway culture, providing consumers with more sustainably-sourced products that can stand the test of time. Unlike the fast-fashion industry, Hoodlamb believes that consumers should shop with a quality over quantity mindsets. Buyers should look at their wardrobe staple items as investments pieces rather than vanity items with ephemeral lifespans. For sustainability and simplicity’s sake, it makes sense to pay more upfront for a garment that will continuously make you look and feel great for years to come.

In addition to their environmental efforts, the brand also is committed to promoting animal welfare. HoodLamb believes cruelty-free fashion is the way of the future and uses all animal-free materials to create its products.

With its signature parka-style jackets, Hoodlamb deliberately positions its products as more ethical alternatives to similar offerings from brands such as Canada Goose. Correspondingly, “Charmed” star Sarah Jeffery wore the brand’s parka in a recent campaign for peta2, the group’s youth program, encouraging consumers to embrace alternative-down apparel options.

The brand currently sells a variety of eco-down outerwear, knitwear, and organic hemp-cotton blend tee shirts via its website and select retail locations.

Noize - Sam Long Length Jacket with Vegan Leather Sleeves - Noize

Sam Long Length Jacket with Vegan Leather SleevesNoize

Shop Now: $259

Noize - Hannah Mid-Length Quilted Parka - Noize

Hannah Mid-Length Quilted ParkaNoize

Shop Now: $199


Founded in 1978, the upscale outerwear label believes that sustainability is the ultimate luxury. Through the brand’s cruelty-free, on-trend designs, Noize’s designs demonstrate that one should not have to sacrifice their values for the sake of style. With their emphasis on innovation and the usage of technologically-advanced textiles, the brand believes science enables us to combat the fashion industry’s negative environmental impact and reduce cruelty throughout every stage of its production supply chains.

Noize makes it part of the brand’s mission to combat the use of fur in the fashion industry, crafting its products out of high-quality faux fur, vegan leather, and down alternative materials. Made out of synthetic fibers, eco-conscious polyurethane (PU), and polyester materials, respectively, the brand makes garments that can withstand the elements, keeping you warm all winter long.

Noize acknowledges that some shoppers are skeptical as to whether down-alternative jackets can keep them as warm as the real thing. To put their concerns at ease, the brand makes it clear that, while their jackets are not laboratory-tested, every Canadian winter serves as an experiment in its own right. Season after season, the jackets continually withstand the region’s frigid temperatures and brisk seasonal climate. Noize’s products are wind and water resistant.

Shop Now: $349

Save The Duck - Womens Iris Hooded Jacket - Save The Duck

Women’s Iris Hooded JacketSave The Duck

Shop Now: $178

Save The Duck

Since 1914, the Forest family has been committed to providing consumers with water-resistant outerwear. In 2010, the third-generation owners of the Forest company founded Save The Duck. The brand prides itself on creating both functional and cruelty-free fashion items. Accordingly, using all animal-free materials is part of the brand’s DNA. As an alternative to bird-based down, the outerwear label fills its jackets with its exclusive PLUMTECH fabric.

Unlike its conventional polyester down alternatives, the textile’s padded design maintains its lightweight feel while mimicking the texture of soft animal feathers. Accordingly, the fabric was designed with the customer’s comfort in mind. With its breathable and insulating fibers, PLUMTECH enables the brand to leverage science to create both functional and fashionable jackets.

While the brand has a functional-fashion ethos and product range, Save The Duck ultimately positions itself as a  luxury lifestyle brand. In January 2p18, the outerwear label partnered with streetwear brand, DYNE to create a cruelty-free line of jackets, sweats, and tees for the Fall/Winter 2018 season – further underscoring the brand’s cultural relevance.

Save The Duck’s merchandise can be found both on its website and at both brick-and-mortar and e-commerce retailers worldwide.

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Embracing legalization with Marcus “Bubbleman” Richardson

Posted Dec 13, 2018 on https://www.embarkhealthinc.com

Marcus Richardson doesn’t pull punches. The first time we met was at a party in the backyard of a mansion in Toronto. He was nestled in the corner unit of an outdoor sectional – the best seat in the house, as far as I could see. When a space opened up on the couch, I slid in and struck up a conversation. I had no idea who I was talking to, and I don’t think he liked me.

“What are you working with?” I questioned, motioning to the exotic stash box stuffed with concentrates in his lap. “I’ll tell you what,” he said, “You put that cigarette out, and I’ll let you try anything I have.” A little bruised, but intrigued, I obliged. Swapping the smoke in my lips for a small dab rig that was circling, I hit it, choked up, exhaled, and smiled. It was some of the best bubble hash I’d ever tasted!

And rightfully so. Marcus “Bubbleman” Richardson is one of the most celebrated cannabis cultivators, activists and innovators on the planet. It’s already been nearly 20 years since Richardson brought to market the Bubble Bag system, a multitasking filtration kit that remains one of the most popular solvent-free extraction methods.

It’s been even longer, still, since Richardson planted the first legal hemp field in Manitoba. A year after that harvest, in 1996, he left his home province to grow cannabis on the country’s West Coast, where he worked to provide medicine for patients of the country’s first and oldest cannabis dispensary, the British Columbia Compassion Club.

These days, he’s even busier. His full melt hash brand has processing facilities in three countries, and his company in Jamaica recently received a conditional license to operate its farm. When I reached him by phone at his home in British Columbia, Richardson was celebrating a sizable Bay Street buy for Embark, a new state-of-the-art extraction facility in Delta, BC.

Like the most noble and savvy of his contemporaries, Richardson is all business as Canada rolls out changes to its cannabis laws. As someone who fought for legalization on the front lines of the battle since 1993, he’s happy with both the social and economic realities forming, like rainbows, under reform.

“I didn’t spend the last 25 years fighting for this to become legal so that everyone who profited off prohibition could be in charge of the industry,” he says. “I fought for access, and I never cared how the profit margin was broken up. And I certainly don’t care if cops and judges and lawyers all want to be a part of it. These are the people we’ve been begging from the beginning to make this happen!”

An optimist, Richardson is seizing the day he’s waited on for most of his life. Where cynicism and even resentment have taken root in the hearts of many old-guard activists and growers, Richardson views the glass as half full. As the cannabis industry finds its footing, so too, Richardson believes, is the culture changing and evolving. But it’s not, as some believe, dying.

“Cannabis culture was one thing, and now that’s changing. The culture is no longer groups of alternative people who are willing to break the law,” he says. “The culture is now anyone who is willing to have a relationship with cannabis – it’s lawyers and doctors and moms and grandmas and grandpas. The culture is no longer what you see at a Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam. It’s much more than that now.”


Info & Pics: Washing with Bubble Bags

Post from Bubbleman on his FB page:

When washing with www.bubblebag.com Bubble Bags, you will get 2 of the 3 types of trichomes present on the plant. The capitate stalked (long and tall), and the Sessile Stalked (shorter but still a large glandular head). The bulbous head is the third type and much more difficult to extract when using mechanical screen techniques like Bubble Bags, and Dry Sifting over screens.
This is the main reason you will see yields continue after you have washed several times if you do a solvent or Rosin or Plant fat extraction with the post Bubble material.

I wanted to share with you a photo of my plant matter once I am done washing and you can see the effectiveness when your threshing ratios are proper. Doesn’t have to be over mixed for an hour to get your material like this either.
I also added a few other shots to show you the difference between on the plant pre wash vs on the plant post wash. Make sure you swipe thru to sell all three photos. I wanted to make the washed material the first photo because I find it so striking to see the capitate stalks with no heads.
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Hemp HoodLamb Ladies’ Classic Parka Black Size 2XL – 30% off

Black Size 2XL : Ladies’ Classic Parka by Hemp HoodLamb

REGULAR PRICE CAD $490. Reduced by 30% to $340 – only because it was worn ONE DAY & returned to us for a size exchange.
Available at our shop at 1310 East Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC or we can ship to you for extra charge.
Order online here: https://www.bubblebag.com/LHP-Ladies-Classic-Parka.html
Call Rachel for details 604-254.3338.


Hemp Hoodlamb Canada

The HoodLamb Parka features a water resistant hemp and organic cotton twill outer shell that is sturdy and long-lasting. The Parka is lined with 8mm pile height hemp and recycled PET faux-fur, which protects from extreme cold. The Parka comes fully loaded with HoodLamb signature features such as secret pockets, headphone loops, and a microfiber-lined pocket for sunglasses.


Water resistant
Elemental Protection (0˚C / -10 ˚C) – (32˚F / 14˚F )
Insular protection from the cold aided by wind and rain protection.


55% Hemp, 45% organic cotton twill outer shell
20% Hemp, 35% recycled polyester, 45% acrylic Satifur lining


Organic Hempulose weather resistant treatment
Custom YKK two-way zipper
Patented rolling paper dispenser
Satifur lined handwarmer pockets
Secret Pocket
Document pocket
Windcatchers with thumbholes
Outside waist drawstrings
Microfiber-lined pocket for sunglasses
Headphone loops
Adjustable hood


Fits true to size. Take your normal size
This regular cut jacket is designed for a comfortable fit