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NEWS ALERT: HoodLamb is now Hemp Tailor

We’re changing from HoodLamb to Hemp Tailor. It’s who we are. It’s what we do.

Hemp Tailor. It's who we are. It's what we do. Over the last three decades our community has made us the largest creator of hemp clothing in the world. This week we are introducing our new branding which pulls together all the threads of our brand’s DNA for the past 26 years in our mission to change the harmful effects of fashion on our planet. Welcome to Hemp Tailor .

We take the best plant on earth and turn it into great clothing with care and skill. We tailor hemp into everything from strong, durable outerwear to soft faux fur.

We began our life in 1993 as Hemp HoodLamb. We focused on jackets and sweatshirts made from hemp that had “hoods” with a soft faux fur that was similar to wool from a “lambs.”

Over the last three decades we have been at the heart of a movement to bring sustainability into fashion. Along the way our community inspired us to take on bigger and bigger challenges.

Today we are the largest creator of clothing made from hemp.

We are changing our name to reflect our primary focus. We are urgently expanding our efforts to reverse the harmful effects of today’s fashion industry.

We are doing it from the inside. We are tailoring hemp into high quality, long lasting clothing based on the most sustainable plant in the world.

Curious about the new Fall Winter 2019 collection?
Check out our online store or come visit our retail outlet in Vancouver.
We’re located at 1310 East Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC, on the SE Corner of Clark & Hastings. Parking in the back, ring buzzer at front door.

Check out our biggest collection ever










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Hemp Hoodlamb New summer collection NOW AVAILABLE

Summer stock is in !

Available in very limited quantities for each style, size & colour.
Check out the collection here: www.bubblebag.com/NEW-Catalogue

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3 Cruelty-Free Down Alternative Jacket Brands You Need To Know About

Style & Design I write about fashion and lifestyle for Forbes Finds.

Forbes Finds covers products we think you’ll love. Featured products are independently selected and linked to for your convenience. If you buy something using a lin

Original post : https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbes-finds/2018/10/29/3-cruelty-free-down-alternative-jacket-brands-you-need-to-know-about/

As we head into the colder, snowier months, time is of the essence to find the perfectly functional, yet fashionable, winter jacket. Faux fur and leather coat styles are having a moment this season. However, at a certain point in the season, the weather calls for us to break out a more heavy-duty outerwear option. For city-dwellers and outdoorsy types alike, the puffer jacket serves as a go-to item to fill this wardrobe need.

Canada Goose (GOOS) stock has grown an impressive 175% in the past year, underscoring the consumers’ love affair with this jacket style. Since its inception, the brand continues to capitalize on its main product offering – its signature parka jacket. However, the brand’s success has a drawn a rather large group of critics. While demand for down-filled jackets does not seem to be slowing down anytime soon, modern consumers increasingly are questioning the ethics of the feather industry.

Among the cruelty-free fashion movement’s critics, the main argument against the use of synthetic fibers is their inability to biodegrade. However, following PrimaLoft’s October 2018 announcement of its first 100% recyclable, biodegradable, PrimaLoft Bio, it is clear that the industry is making innovative strides. One day,  down alternatives might join its cruelty-free fur counterparts in the mass movement to create a more ethically and environmentally-minded fashion industry.

Here are five down-alternative jackets to stay comfortable and chic throughout the colder season ahead.

Hoodlamb - Ladies' Nordic Parka - Hoodlamb

Ladies’ Nordic ParkaHoodlamb

Shop Now: $548 NOW ON SALE IN OUR SHOP: $383.60

Hoodlamb - Ladies' Long Hoodlamb Coat - Hoodlamb

Ladies’ Long Hoodlamb CoatHoodlamb

Shop Now: $378 NOW ON SALE IN OUR SHOP: $264.60


Hoodlamb was born out of a desire to create a truly sustainable, functional, and fashionable apparel label. The Amsterdam-based brand creates all of its products out of hemp seeds. Unlike animal-based or cotton textiles, hemp is a carbon negative material – meaning that its growth ultimately reduces the carbon emissions released into the atmosphere.

Through this durable fabric, the label creates clothes with the intention to serve both its customers and all other living beings on the planet. Hoodlamb is committed to fighting fashion’s throwaway culture, providing consumers with more sustainably-sourced products that can stand the test of time. Unlike the fast-fashion industry, Hoodlamb believes that consumers should shop with a quality over quantity mindsets. Buyers should look at their wardrobe staple items as investments pieces rather than vanity items with ephemeral lifespans. For sustainability and simplicity’s sake, it makes sense to pay more upfront for a garment that will continuously make you look and feel great for years to come.

In addition to their environmental efforts, the brand also is committed to promoting animal welfare. HoodLamb believes cruelty-free fashion is the way of the future and uses all animal-free materials to create its products.

With its signature parka-style jackets, Hoodlamb deliberately positions its products as more ethical alternatives to similar offerings from brands such as Canada Goose. Correspondingly, “Charmed” star Sarah Jeffery wore the brand’s parka in a recent campaign for peta2, the group’s youth program, encouraging consumers to embrace alternative-down apparel options.

The brand currently sells a variety of eco-down outerwear, knitwear, and organic hemp-cotton blend tee shirts via its website and select retail locations.

Noize - Sam Long Length Jacket with Vegan Leather Sleeves - Noize

Sam Long Length Jacket with Vegan Leather SleevesNoize

Shop Now: $259

Noize - Hannah Mid-Length Quilted Parka - Noize

Hannah Mid-Length Quilted ParkaNoize

Shop Now: $199


Founded in 1978, the upscale outerwear label believes that sustainability is the ultimate luxury. Through the brand’s cruelty-free, on-trend designs, Noize’s designs demonstrate that one should not have to sacrifice their values for the sake of style. With their emphasis on innovation and the usage of technologically-advanced textiles, the brand believes science enables us to combat the fashion industry’s negative environmental impact and reduce cruelty throughout every stage of its production supply chains.

Noize makes it part of the brand’s mission to combat the use of fur in the fashion industry, crafting its products out of high-quality faux fur, vegan leather, and down alternative materials. Made out of synthetic fibers, eco-conscious polyurethane (PU), and polyester materials, respectively, the brand makes garments that can withstand the elements, keeping you warm all winter long.

Noize acknowledges that some shoppers are skeptical as to whether down-alternative jackets can keep them as warm as the real thing. To put their concerns at ease, the brand makes it clear that, while their jackets are not laboratory-tested, every Canadian winter serves as an experiment in its own right. Season after season, the jackets continually withstand the region’s frigid temperatures and brisk seasonal climate. Noize’s products are wind and water resistant.

Shop Now: $349

Save The Duck - Womens Iris Hooded Jacket - Save The Duck

Women’s Iris Hooded JacketSave The Duck

Shop Now: $178

Save The Duck

Since 1914, the Forest family has been committed to providing consumers with water-resistant outerwear. In 2010, the third-generation owners of the Forest company founded Save The Duck. The brand prides itself on creating both functional and cruelty-free fashion items. Accordingly, using all animal-free materials is part of the brand’s DNA. As an alternative to bird-based down, the outerwear label fills its jackets with its exclusive PLUMTECH fabric.

Unlike its conventional polyester down alternatives, the textile’s padded design maintains its lightweight feel while mimicking the texture of soft animal feathers. Accordingly, the fabric was designed with the customer’s comfort in mind. With its breathable and insulating fibers, PLUMTECH enables the brand to leverage science to create both functional and fashionable jackets.

While the brand has a functional-fashion ethos and product range, Save The Duck ultimately positions itself as a  luxury lifestyle brand. In January 2p18, the outerwear label partnered with streetwear brand, DYNE to create a cruelty-free line of jackets, sweats, and tees for the Fall/Winter 2018 season – further underscoring the brand’s cultural relevance.

Save The Duck’s merchandise can be found both on its website and at both brick-and-mortar and e-commerce retailers worldwide.

Hemp HoodLamb Inventory Blowout Sale!

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Vegan, hemp & organic cotton, eco sustainable and cruelty-free fashion designed in Amsterdam.

Visit our shop at Clark & Hastings to see what we’ve got.
Parking avaialable in the back. Open M-F 9am-5pm
Fresh Headies/Hemp HoodLamb at 1310 East Hastings

Or shop online: https://www.bubblebag.com/Hemp-HoodLamb-Clothing/

Hemp HoodLamb Blowout Sale

See some styles in action: https://www.instagram.com/hoodlamb/

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Hemp HoodLamb Ladies’ Classic Parka Black Size 2XL – 30% off

Black Size 2XL : Ladies’ Classic Parka by Hemp HoodLamb

REGULAR PRICE CAD $490. Reduced by 30% to $340 – only because it was worn ONE DAY & returned to us for a size exchange.
Available at our shop at 1310 East Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC or we can ship to you for extra charge.
Order online here: https://www.bubblebag.com/LHP-Ladies-Classic-Parka.html
Call Rachel for details 604-254.3338.


Hemp Hoodlamb Canada

The HoodLamb Parka features a water resistant hemp and organic cotton twill outer shell that is sturdy and long-lasting. The Parka is lined with 8mm pile height hemp and recycled PET faux-fur, which protects from extreme cold. The Parka comes fully loaded with HoodLamb signature features such as secret pockets, headphone loops, and a microfiber-lined pocket for sunglasses.


Water resistant
Elemental Protection (0˚C / -10 ˚C) – (32˚F / 14˚F )
Insular protection from the cold aided by wind and rain protection.


55% Hemp, 45% organic cotton twill outer shell
20% Hemp, 35% recycled polyester, 45% acrylic Satifur lining


Organic Hempulose weather resistant treatment
Custom YKK two-way zipper
Patented rolling paper dispenser
Satifur lined handwarmer pockets
Secret Pocket
Document pocket
Windcatchers with thumbholes
Outside waist drawstrings
Microfiber-lined pocket for sunglasses
Headphone loops
Adjustable hood


Fits true to size. Take your normal size
This regular cut jacket is designed for a comfortable fit

True Defenders : HoodLamb is on the Frontlines with Sea Shepherd

“To end the destruction of habitat and slaughter of wildlife in the world’s oceans.”
Sea Shepherd Mission Statement
Worn on the frontlines by Sea Shepherd. Tested at arctic temperatures. 10% of sales support Sea Shepherd expeditions worldwide.

Founded in 1977, Sea Shepherd has grown into an unstoppable global movement with independent groups established in over 20 countries.

Not everyone can participate in direct-action campaigns on the high seas. There’s another way to make a difference: Become a Part-Time Hero.

How Earned Media Unlocked $2 Million And The US Market For This Eco Company

How Earned Media Unlocked $2 Million And The US Market For This Eco Company

In November, Inc.com ran an article about the coat of the future, featuring the Netherlands-based sustainable apparel company HoodLamb. The company, which was founded in the 1990s, was “the first company to make a winter jacket out of hemp.” Today, they produce over 100 styles of cruelty-free sustainable clothing from organic and recycled materials — and have a built a $2.34 million dollar business. However, it was not until 2017 that they launched in the USA. They learned that successfully selling high-end sustainable clothing in America requires a different approach from selling in Europe. I reached out to the company to learn more about how they have adapted their branding and promotional tactics for the new market. The following are excerpts of my interview with Aisha Thompson, HoodLamb’s global marketing director, and Douglas Mignola, the original founder.

Hoodlamb's eco-friendly jackets are PETA-approved.


Harrison: Douglas, what inspired you to found HoodLamb and how did you initially position it in the market?

Mignola: Back in 1993, industrial hemp was having resurgence with the popularity of the book “The Emperor Wears No Clothes: Hemp and the Marijuana Conspiracy” by Jack Herer. It was reprinted in German with some additional German hemp history.  This was coupled with pop culture making the hemp leaf the number one used symbol that year. Hemp fever had struck and numerous hemp clothing companies were born — only to die out quickly. The American companies went for the rough/hippy look and the European companies went for what I can only call the “Amish” look.  All of the brands felt that they could enter the clothing market simply by selling the eco aspects of using hemp for clothing. The result was ugly clothing, which shrunk and twisted in the wash.

I was well aware of the eco-aspects of hemp or what I like to call the “PHB”s of hemp” (what does PHB stand for?):

  • Pesticides. Hemp needs no pesticides to be grown.
  • H20. Hemp uses less then 50% of the water used to grow cotton.
  • Biomass. The hemp plant grows 3 meters tall in only 3-4 months! You get the most amount of product in the least amount of time.

This is why hemp is such a great plant option for so many things, but people want clothing they like to wear — not just because it’s eco-friendly. I decided that to make it in the clothing business, Hoodamb would have to be stylish — and the fact that our clothing is made with hemp is just the icing on the cake. At that time hemp fabric was heavy and not as soft as it is today. Once we started to make our first Hoodlamb jackets, they were an instant hit. We had found our niche and the company took off.

Harrison: Tell me more about how you launched the company and grew it over time.

Thompson: HoodLamb has grown organically since the early 1990s. Douglas is a free-spirited California native and surfer, and built a “tribe” predominantly through word-of-mouth among his like-minded community. Eventually, HoodLamb became a counter-culture brand. Our base in Amsterdam, as a counter-cultural epicenter, spearheaded our growth and development throughout Europe. After success in the EU, we made the decision for a full North American launch in 2017. Until then, we had a niche presence in the US and Canada via early adopters, including dispensaries and vegan lifestyle boutiques. With the rise of the conscious consumer, we opted for full market penetration last year.

Harrison: Bringing a brand to a new country can be daunting. How did you use your time and money to make the launch a success?

Thompson: Although we weren’t fully financially ready, we knew the opportunity was now. We focused our investments in two important areas — customer service and marketing/pr. North American consumers demand a prime shopping experience including everything from help with orders and quick turnaround, to on-point customer service. Our decision to open our own distribution center in California was pivotal to our success here. Having a physical presence in the market, not merely on the web, is absolutely turnkey for brands expecting to grow.

With our full understanding that North America was an aspirational market, we invested in a PR agency to help tell our unique story. Media attention has helped spread our reach and has given us credibility with North American consumers.

Step-by-step, we’ve begun to grow organically in North America. From the early days, we’ve realized that consumers are the greatest marketers, so we made a strategic decision to get this going. It’s hard to pinpoint our exact financial investment here, but we can say with certainty that we played our cards right. The timing of our decision to open a distribution center, and investments in media, have all planted the seeds and given our brand legitimacy essential to our growth.

Harrison: For other European companies looking to launch in the US, how would you describe the difference in the mindset of ethically-minded consumers and the necessary approach/framing to reach them?

Thompson: There is a serious difference between EU and US consumer lifestyles and purchasing habits. Vegan lifestyle, for example, has been around the EU for years but is only now trending in the US. The US is a very aspirational, trend-dictated market. These trends are quickly assimilated by media, celebrities, and pop-culture. We worked with our PR agency to tell our story through trendsetters—namely the fashion media, and fashion influencers. Our goal was to reach a blue ocean of consumers in the US — not just die-hard vegans. Thinking about the larger US population and not just your niche is vital to continued growth and development in the US.

Harrison: Brands often discount the importance of PR. Can you give some examples of how PR worked for Hoodlamb?

Thompson: Our success as a new brand in the US can largely be credited to media and PR. It’s really been that important for us. Positive coverage with fashion authorities including Forbes, Elle Canada, and InStyle, has helped us attain the credibility we needed to even be considered in this saturated market. That coverage has garnered over 183 million impressions in less than one year— a reach we couldn’t possibly have acquired otherwise.

Our PR agency also fostered a partnership with PETA. As the largest animal-rights organization in the world, with over 6.5 million members and supporters, the association with PETA added serious value to our brand and increased our market depth. For World Vegan Day (November 01, 2017) for example, we worked with PETA US’s top influencers to promote HoodLamb and cruelty-free fashion on Instagram — generating over 1 million impressions within two days. We’re also working with PETA on numerous celebrity gifting opportunities throughout the coming year.

The combined force of media and partnerships really put us on the map. Our site traffic has increased by over 200% in our first year.US consumers don’t want to be “sold” They want to feel that they are “in-control and making the purchase decision.” We will continue to focus on growing organically by working strictly with earned media attention (vs paid media), and by playing an active role in our community, with like-minded brands such as PETA.

Harrison: Any other advice for other entrepreneurs?

Thompson: Yes, I’ve got four rules for success.

  • Stay resilient to your DNA— don’t let the market change you.
  • Be financially smart— numerous players in the US market will twist and turn your dollar. Be realistic about your budget, and play your cards right. And, of course, utilize the web and social media as much as possible to get your name out there, and optimize your advertising/marketing dollars.
  • Stay in touch with your consumers! They are your best marketers, and the lifeblood of your brand.
  • It’s all about timing— if you’re not ready for it, or if the opportunity is not strong enough, don’t dive into the US just yet.



The Coat of the Future: Bring on the Winter

The Coat of the Future: Bring on the Winter
When the temperature dropped into the 20s, I was prepared, looked great, and lived by my values.
Nov 13, 2017
By Joshua Spodek, Author, ‘Leadership Step by Step’@spodek

A couple years ago on a winter vacation toward the end of my last parka’s life, I saw a beautiful coat. Despite the designer name it was affordable.

But I couldn’t buy it. The triple combination that it was filled with down, the liner was genuine fur, and I had tried on coats before leaving that were just as warm without animal products.

What others do is their business, but I knew for myself I’d have trouble sleeping, having seen too many videos of animal treatment.

The problem: the equally warm coats I’d seen at home didn’t look good. And they were mostly nylon and other plastics that I wasn’t convinced were so benign to the environment.

Enter Hemp Hoodlamb

I don’t remember how I heard of them, but I came across a company called Hemp Hoodlamb. They make their coats from a materials that turns out to be durable and not plastic: hemp.

Not just hemp. The insulation is made of recycled plastic.

I’m a laggard on many technologies and trends. Luckily for me New York’s last winter was mild and I got by with my fall coat. It took me a whole year to decide to try this new coat.

As much as I mentioned my concern about animals and the environment, people can’t see those things. They aren’t how I evaluate a coat in action.

I care about two things:

  1. Does it keep me warm?
  2. Do I look good in it?

Result: It’s awesome, warm, and looks great

It’s really warm. As in, laugh at the weather warm, though I may be biased having gone a winter with only a fall coat.

It looks to me mainstream stylish, unlike many vegan, earth-crunchy things (being vegetarian since 1990, I support veganism, but not as a dominant part of my identity).

Since I occasionally voice concerns about poor products and services, I feel responsible to report excellence as well, and Hoodlamb delivered.

For the record, I have no relationship with the company, nor have I communicated with them. I’m just a satisfied customer.

From plant to delivery

Hoodlamb also comprehensively markets their goods with videos showing sourcing and processing the raw materials, the factories and people assembling them, the people behind the company, and so on.

It makes you feel like part of a community.

I don’t miss the down fur coat from vacation that I didn’t buy.

I don’t miss the down fur coat from vacation that I didn’t buy.

Competition and the future

Inc. is about business, not just one company. After buying my coat I found growing competition, including Wully Outerwear and Vaute, here in New York City.

I’m sure there are more, but these three made what appear to be stylish, functional winter coats you don’t have to care about animals or the environment to prefer. Since I do, I consider them the future as much as the electric bicycle.

Nov 13, 2017