Bubble Bags Information

We offer 3 grades of bags for you to choose from : Lite, Standard & Original

Standard for most home and other users.
Lite for those on a budget, less frequent use and who are testing the methods.
Original for those producing for a business, and high-end hobby-ists - the luxury 'cadillac' of water/ice extraction bags where cost is not as big a consideration as durability and lifespan are.


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Bubbleman’s Youtube Channel

The most efficient way to learn is by watching the Bubbleman's instructional videos.

With the introduction of YouTube, Bubble Man began creating videos as a way to give an educational and entertaining view on Bubble Bags and ice water extraction techniques.


Bubbleman's World Discord Server

Dedicated topics forums - get detailed info from dedicated growers/producers: https://discord.gg/3ggUK8rRus

Facebook groups

Where Marcus Richardson aka the Bubbleman, owner of Fresh Headies, is an admin.

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