Bubbleman’s Top 5 Tips For Making Bubble Hash

  • Tip 1: The bomb makes the bomb. You cannot make quality without QUALITY. The Bubblebags will purify your product.
  • Tip 2: Use lots of ice. You can never use too much. As long as the mixture is moving around and the ice is bashing, then you’re on the right track.
  • Tip 3: Gentle first runs will save your quality, as well. Do not over-mix because you’re worried about not getting enough, or all of it. You can go back and run a second batch and capture all that you missed.
  • Tip 4: Properly breaking up the bubble is HUGE, and probably should be tip number one. The process is two schools of thought: Micro-Planing, and Sieving. These are your two options, and you can view both of them on videos at Bubbleman’s World on YouTube.
  • Tip 5: Once you have powdered the hash properly, now it’s time to DRY IT. I use a desiccant-like cardboard. It’s lined with parchment paper, and once closed, the cardboard can pull and wick moisture from the hash. This is very important, as you will not dry the hash properly on a plate, or plastic, or metal or anything that is NOT going to wick the moisture from INSIDE the hash.
    An addendum to Tip 5 is once you have your hash dry ( 7+ days in the cardboard box), you can now actually CURE THE HASH. Once you have DRIED the wax membrane of the trichome head, you can allow for the hash to cure and stabilize. I have some that has been curing for more than seven years, and is stable beyond stable. I have friends who have hash that is a month or two old, and is buttering out. Always dry and cure your hash properly.

Head over to the Help Zone / FAQ for more tips & instructions.

Getting Started

Are you a bubble newbie ready to take the icy plunge?

Step #1
First, we recommend you decide between our three choices of bag quality to figure out what type best suits your needs.

Step #2

Decide how big you need your bags to be. You can choose between 1, 5, and 20 Gallon Bubble Bags.

  • The 1 gallon kit can process up to 2 ounces or 56 grams (dry weight) of plant matter at a time.
  • The 5 gallon kit can process up to 8 ounces or 200 grams (dry weight) of plant matter at a time.
  • The 20 gallon kit can process up to 2 pounds or 1 kg (dry weight) of plant matter at a time.

Step #3

Decide if you want a 4 bag or an 8 bag kit.

Fresh Headies’ 8 bag kits contain a variety of different sized screens to separate your herbal extract according to the size of the crystals or glandular heads of the plant. You will find that having these layers will allow you to separate your herbal extract into different grades ranging from commercial grade to top quality Full Melt Bubble. The 8 bag kit is the best choice for the connoisseur looking to produce a high quality herbal extract.
The 8 bag kit contains the following bags:
  • 220 micron work bag
  • 190 micron bag
  • 160 micron bag
  • 120 micron bag
  • 90 micron bag
  • 73 micron bag
  • 45 micron bag and
  • 25 micron bag
The 190 micron bag removes contaminants from your herbal extract. The 160 micron bag, although it may contain usable herbal extract with certain strains, acts as another layer of contaminant removal. The remaining 5 bags contain your best herbal extract. Some strains or types of plants have larger crystals or glandular heads than others, so it is difficult to predict which bag will contain the best herbal extract. However, Full Melt Bubble generally is found in the 90 micron bag and the 73 micron bag.
The 4 bag kit contains a work bag, one contaminant removal bag, and two crystal collection bags. With very high quality plant material, you might find Full Melt Bubble in the 73 micron bag. The 4 bag kit is a good option for people who simply want a reasonably priced and durable kit.
The 4 bag kit contains the following bags:
  • 220 micron work bag
  • 160 micron bag
  • 73 micron bag and
  • 25 micron bag

And that’s it!

Once you have selected the quality, size, and bag number you want simply pick it out online and we’ll pack it up and send it to you!

Need advice making your first batch of bubble? Check out our blog post about it or watch The Bubbleman’s YouTube video series on how-to make bubble!

Got any advice you could you offer to someone just getting started? Comment below.