Book: Cannabis in Canada: The Illustrated History


Book: Cannabis in Canada: The Illustrated History
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Discover the History of Cannabis in Canada with this amazing fully illustrated book

Page 95 features some history on our very own Bubbleman! (Scroll down for image)
He's also sportin' some fine Hemp Hoolamb duds.

From renowned cannabis activist and author Dana Larsen comes a timely national cannabis history lesson. 132 lavishly illustrated black and white pages take us on a journey from Canada’s first cannabis crop in 1606, to our current muddled situation with medical marijuana. Each page is self-contained and has about 200-300 words, making this book very easy to read and absorb. The illustrations are based on actual people, photographs and historical events, adding information and context as well and depth and beauty to the book.

There has never been a book like this before. Canadians have always had to make do with American-based information about cannabis. Through extensive research, Dana Larsen reveals the complete history of cannabis in Canada, and it’s fascinating.

On this journey through Canada’s cannabis history, readers will discover:

* Why the French and British had to bribe Canadian farmers to grow cannabis.
* How the push for cannabis farming almost brought slavery to Canada.
* Why Canadian doctors in the 1800s were dosing themselves with ultra-potent marijuana.
* The Nova Scotia doctor who recommended cannabis for sexual enhancement in 1898.
* The man who became Canada’s first recorded “overdose” on hashish.
* The racist national propaganda campaign that launched Canada’s war on weed.
* How the RCMP burned hemp fields and busted pharmacists for cannabis.
* The Premier who got caught with pot, and the MLA who went to prison for smuggling weed.
* How marijuana was legal in Canada for five months in 2003.
* The struggles of activists fighting to legalize marijuana in Canada.
* The real benefits and future of industrial hemp and medical marijuana in Canada.
* And much much more…

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