Hemp Tailor Company Info

NEW! A new company has been formed with some of the previous Hemp Hoodlamb owners, we have a small selection of Classic Men's & Ladies' coats avaialble.See bubblebag.com/HempClothing.xxxxxxxxx

***Note Hemp Tailor (Hoodlamb) is no longer in business. As their Canadian distributor, we continue to offer whatever stock we have left, and support as we are able.

Hemp Tailor's Mission



Cut From Better Cloth

So with all the fabrics in the world laid out in front of us, we choose hemp. 

At Hemp Tailor, that’s the choice we make. As often as we can. Because everything starts with choices. 

Because as a brand we choose to be better to animals. 
And better for the environment. 
While making a product that is better for humans. Hypo allergenic, longer lasting, and absolutely good looking. 

The goal is to push the fashion industry to be better. More sustainable.
The goal is to get everyone to make these choices. 

Because the planet has reached a point where we don’t really have a choice anymore. 

These are the choices we have to make if we’re going to stick around. 
But changing the fabric of the fashion industry does not happen all at once. 
It will happen in pieces, one choice after another, stitched together to make something better. 

For us, that means constant improvement. 
Like working toward using the stalk of the CBD plant to replace the organic cotton found in some of our jackets.
Not there yet, but working on it. 

And it means sharing that improvement; opening up our manufacturing facilities so people and other manufacturers 
can see our techniques, learn from them, and even buy our hemp materials.
So it’s even easier to make the right choice. 

Because making better choices is not proprietary. 
Just like our planet isn’t proprietary.
It’s on all of us, because it belongs to all of us. 

Being more sustainable, treating animals better, leaving the Earth better than we found it, changing the future of fashion, and wearing a better jacket while doing it starts with simple choices. 

We started with an easy choice: a hemp jacket. 
You should too.

Our Design Philoshophy

At the core of our design philosophy lies the use and promotion of hemp. We are committed to developing the most innovative hemp based fabrics and treatments possible, so that our products are not only comfortable and durable, but also sustainable. To achieve this, we work with experts both in China and around the world experimenting with fabric blends and plant based treatments using hemp.


Hemp Hemp is one of the most environmentally friendly fabrics in the world and has been used throughout the ages for innumerable purposes. As one of the strongest fibers on the planet, it is also the most resource-efficient, adding nutrients to the soil and requiring absolutely no pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers to grow.
Hemp Tailor hemp is organically grown and sourced directly from farms where it is hand sowed and harvested, thereby creating some of the best hemp fiber in the world. After harvest, the raw fiber is spun into the fine, strong hemp thread that is used to weave our custom, sustainable fabrics.

Organic Cotton Organic Cotton

Cotton is considered the world’s most eco unfriendly crop due to its heavy use of pesticides and insecticides.
At Hemp Tailor we use 100% organic cotton in our fabric blends.
Our organic cotton has been grown without the use of any synthetic agricultural chemicals and is OEKO-TEX, OCS, GOTS certified.

Faux-Fur and Insulations

Faux-Fur and Insulations One of the most innovative ways of making fashion more sustainable is by using post-consumer plastic bottles to make fabric. The bottles are cleaned and melted down; then the plastic is stretched into a fine thread, which is woven into soft, durable, beautiful fabric.
Both our Faux-Fur Lining as Repreve Insulation are made with recycled bottles and saving plastic from our landfills and Oceans.

Water-repellent treatment

Water-repellent treatment Our coats feature a PFC-Free water and wind resistance inner coating and Zelan® 3R certified outer shell water-repellent treatment.
A renewably sourced, non-fluorinated durable water-repellent finish that contains 63% renewably sourced content derived from a variety of plant-based sources, carefully selected to be from non-genetically-modified (non-GMO) and non-food-source feedstock.


Packaging Hemp Tailor’s unmistakable packaging has been developed with as much care and attention for the environment as our clothes, using recycled materials and a minimum of ink to reduce print footprint.
Hemp Tailor Bags are perfect to reuse to store toys, laundry, blankets etc. They are made from hemp, recycled cotton and recycled polyester. Our Poly Bags are 100% compostable and made from corn starch.