Patents & Trademarks

Fresh Headies Internet Sales Ltd owns, licenses, shares and maintains some patents and trademarks.

  • US Patent  US No. 6,158,591, Canadian Patent No. 2,321,815 titled “Method and Apparatus for Extracting Plant Resins” is owned by Reinhard Delp and is presumed in law to be valid.
  • Bubble Bags, BubbleNow, TumbleNow, Press Headies and Rosin Bags, Bubbleman, Fresh Headies, Fullmelt and Hemp Hoodlamb Canada their likeness  and their purpose are the intellectual property of Fresh Headies /Bubble Bags.

Those using these without prior written or implied permission will be subject to legal investigation and action.

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As of Nov 2022, we have moved to a private residence and pickups are available in Burnaby and/or East Van by appointment only. We still have a limited selection of Hemp Taillor (was Hoodlamb) line of vegan, hemp & organic cotton eco clothing, designed in Amsterdam. We now also carry the new Men's & Ladies' Classic Coats from Freshemp. See