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  • "These are the best extraction bag you can buy. 5 stars all the way. Only reason I’m buying new bags is because of mice, go figure... my fault." - Jason S, Michigan
  • "You know, your customer service is about the best I’ve seen anywhere! I want to move to Canada…. But its so coooold! Thanks for your efforts, as a start up, I PERSONALLY appreciate you folks at Fresh Headies! "
    Mike T., Honolulu, Hawaii
  • "AMAZING customer service! I had an issue with a hoodie I received, they went above and way beyond to fix the issue! I will be back for all my future Hoodlamb needs! Thanks so much!" - Alyssa W.
  • "Here's the dealio on my interaction with the fine folks at Fresh Headies, top drawer customer service, Angie went out of her way to make sure everything was copacetic with my order and shipping.
    It arrived promptly and after taking the sifting screens for a 'test drive' this morning you'll find another happy satisfied (and medicated with some killer 75u dry sift) customer. Thanks again for everything and all you do in the cannabis community Bubbleman!" - Chili B.
  • "Top-notch customer service always willing to fix any problem. We really like the quality of your original bubble bags." - Joey S.
  • "You will be well looked after and rewarded :) be blessed with the bubbles ! Peace. - Christian P.
  • "Thanks Fresh Headies, you people are fab!"
  • "Amazing and very helpful staff as well!"



Guitar Guy
I've had the 1 gallon Original bags, 6 bags, for about 3 years now. I use them about once a month or more, and they have held up very well so far. I tend to put 45 grams of bud trim or up to 60 of leaf trim; what I like is being able to do very small, high quality runs of fresh frozen. Although this can clog the screens sometimes, they are very strong and can be cleaned thoroughly.
Alex Z Truly amazing customer service! They (and in my case Rachel) go above and beyond to help you personally. Thank you!
Eccentric Crank
Awesome staff, great products!
salvatore pucci Interesting business😊 Owner is cool😊


 Alyssa W.

 San Antonio, TX

I try to support small business whenever possible. There are so many benefits! Not only do you help real people, but the customer service is always much more personal. My experience with Fresh Headies was outstanding. I received a hoodie that I had some issues with. Rachel went above and beyond to ensure that the issue was corrected and that I was happy with my purchase from them, not to mention, the phone call was fun and light hearted. I will 100% be back to purchase our winter coats!



Gloria Z Rachel was so helpful over the phone after I had issues trying to purchase my jacket online. They reached out to me shortly after I sent an email. Great person and great customer service!
Carrie C This is by far one of the coolest stores in Vancity!! Must go in and see everything they have going on. I’ll be back🥰💥👍🏻
Alex I Amazing customer service!

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With the introduction of YouTube, Bubble Man began creating videos as a way to give an educational and entertaining view on Bubble Bags and ice water extraction techniques.

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Dedicated topics forums - this is what I recommend to get detailed info from dedicated growers/producers: https://discord.gg/3ggUK8rRus

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We appreciate your business. If you are happy with our products and customer service, we invite you to leave us a review on Google, Yelp or Facebook. If you wish to review a specific product, scroll to the bottom of the product page on our website.

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As of Nov 2022, we have moved to a private residence and pickups are available in Burnaby and/or East Van by appointment only. We still have a limited selection of Hemp Taillor (was Hoodlamb) line of vegan, hemp & organic cotton eco clothing, designed in Amsterdam. We now also carry the new Men's & Ladies' Classic Coats from Freshemp. See bubblebag.com/HempClothing.