Oil Slick|Slick Ball|Silicone Non-stick Concentrate Container (OS-SB)


Oil Slick|Slick Ball|Silicone Non-stick Concentrate Container (OS-SB)
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Oil Slick invented the silicone container.   Medical grade silicone in vibrant beautiful collections.  No taste or flavor from low quality materials...trust Oil Slick with your most precious botanical extracts.

Perfect for storing the stickiest extracts, a simple squeeze and release is all you need to snap the container away from the concentrate within.

The flexible material makes dabbing crumbly budders and water extracts easy. Since nothing will stick to the container, dry or stable extracts adhere to your dabber, and not the dish.

The SlickBalls hold a maximum of 14 grams of extract, but work best when there is some room left in the lower chamber, around 8-9 grams is ideal.

Choose desired colour from drop down options.

  • Sticky concentrate storage solution
  • Made from 100% food grade Silicone
  • Non-stick surface is pliable and durable
  • Holds up to 15g
  • Designed & Researched in Washington
  • Made in Belgium

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