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This is my favorite smoking tool! Its super well made and its actually useful. I wrap some hemp wick around it and the poker works great to hold the hemp wick in place. I have tried all of the different items that go over a lighter and in my opinion this one is hands down the best addition to your smoking routine.
- Sarah about  Toker Poker : Special Bubbleman Edition:
| Jul 16, 2018
This thing is the bomb! Works with full size bic for all you people that can't go without and the way the poker is bent for easy pullout you can wrap some hemp wick on it and still close the poker. Then you have a trifecta with poker, packing hammer, and hemp wick
- Chris about  Toker Poker : Special Bubbleman Edition:
| Aug 7, 2018
Bomb proof! This thing is seriously durable and the kind of simple item you wonder how you lived without it. Great gift idea
- Keren about  Toker Poker : Special Bubbleman Edition:
| Aug 28, 2018
I ve had these screens for 3 years and they still work like new. Great for the personal grower
- Bud Kushman about  Dry Sift Screen Set: Medium 4 Screens (SKM4) :
| Sep 14, 2017
I've had these bags for about 3 years, I also added 120 and 45 micron bags. I use them about once a month, more or less, and they are in excellent condition, barely any wear and tear. I might've got the 5 gallon bags because I usually have to break up my material into multiple batches, they hold 60 grams but in practice 45 grams (talking bud trim, not leaf) is what I find works the best.
- John about  1 Gallon 'Original' 4 Bag Kit (OGS4):
| Oct 30, 2019
A must have if you want to make good hash.
These are the best and only bags we use
- Chazz Boyer about  5 Gallon 'Original' Replacement Bag (OGM1):
| Jul 28, 2019